no stop that brain

this is not something you should be shipping

even if they are incredibly adorable

(also Julian you are an adorable giraffe)

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    Found a couple of others, if anyone’s interested. “Command Decisions" by Joan the English Chick. “Home Cooked" by...
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    OHMYGOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been trying to track down that story again. You are the best!
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    Oh, I know it, dear. Even later into the series, after proving himself many times, many of the crew still retained a...
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    BUT SISKO THINKS JULIAN IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Even after he gets to know him and develops a tolerance for his Ways, and...
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    He and his adorable have no off button. *coughcoughandyeahsameherecough*
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    huh. well. i think i’m gonna go read that now…
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    What’s wrong with Sisko/Bashir? XD Sisko needs a LOT more slash love anyway!
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